Online viewing rooms so often surrender the most valuable and treasured part of viewing paintings: time. Time to scrutinise the details of the surface, time to feel the impact of the whole. This protracted unfurling is a process which is inherent to the history of painting, and to the delight of it as a medium. PPP makes space for the precious time we’ve lost online.

To plan, resolve, deliberate, paint, then eventually put away: the process of painting is undoubtedly slow. The denouement of that painting then unfolds, slowly, too – as an onlooker looks outwardly, then inwardly, before searching for clues again on the surface. This unfolding slowness, for the painter and viewer is something to be treasured and revered, a counterpoint to our million-mile-an-hour culture of being always on, omni-informed and ultra alert. The essence of something non-digital.

It is this analogue engagement that – paradoxically for an Instagram forum – PPP pays particular attention to during our fortnight-to-monthly exhibitions: fruitful conversations with the artists on show, examining their thoughts, practice and inspirations.

PPP has now made the move into an exhibition based platform, supporting our artists with committed exposure, engaging dialogues and unwavering focus on their painting, to the stimulation and edification of our 130,000 followers. Time spent engaging with an artists’ work is often cut short in galleries, as the art world continually demands the next and new.

By encouraging us to look for longer, PPP places processes of cogitation at the forefront of the onlooker’s attention. Our platform becomes a repository for the longevity of both the painting and the painter. And, in feeding the desire of art lovers to look for longer, PPP indulges a painting’s most powerful effect: its capacity to inspire longing.

Painting Online LTD
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St. Albans, Hertfordshire,
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Designed by Gareth Lindsay and programmed by Kieran Startup.

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